RCM Reddy MD & CEO

RCM Reddy MD & CEO

MD's Message

Education is foundational for the development of any individual, society, and country, as substantiated by its primacy in our national development goals and UN’s Sustainable Development 4. India has 250 million students studying in 1.5 million schools, putting our school system on the global map in terms of sheer size. Yet, two significant problems plague it: opportunity gaps and achievement gaps.

At Schoolnet, we are committed to improving learning outcomes and enhancing teacher efficiency in India. This requires education to be personalised for each learner, giving her greater access to curriculum-aligned quality educational resources and support. This is especially key for students belonging to families in the middle and bottom of the economic pyramid, who have long suffered due to the inequity in education and society.

Rooted in an empathetic outlook and keeping the interests of the learner at the core, we strongly believe in synchronising in-school and after-school education. We believe in the power of an ecosystem approach, where we uplift schools, students, teachers, and parents, in all our endeavours through ecosystem partnerships. To achieve this at scale, we make use of technology in the form of digitised resources, vernacular and multimedia content, tools for teacher training that reduce time-to-task, AI-led assessments intended to master a concept, and facilitating a blended model of education. Further, the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made it possible for education, like many other things today, to become personalised and smart – catering to the unique styles and preferences of each learner. Schoolnet leverages this technology to offer our affordable, flexible, and unique personalised learning app, Geneo, to both students and schools.

If you are connected to the K12 education system in any way – be it a school leader, principal, teacher, student, parent, or partner, I invite you to navigate through our website and learn more about our core values, approach, offerings, and impact. Together, we can democratise quality education by empowering our learners and teachers.
RCM Reddy