RCM Reddy MD & CEO

RCM Reddy MD & CEO

MD's Message

Education is foundational for the development of any individual, society, and country, as substantiated by its primacy in our national development goals and UN’s Sustainable Development 4. India has 250 million students studying in 1.5 million schools, putting our school system on the global map in terms of sheer size. Yet, two significant problems plague it: opportunity gaps and achievement gaps.

At Schoolnet, we are committed to improving learning outcomes and enhancing teacher efficiency in India. This requires education to be personalised for each learner, giving her greater access to curriculum-aligned quality educational resources and support. This is especially key for students belonging to families in the middle and bottom of the economic pyramid, who have long suffered due to the inequity in education and society.

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Board of Directors

RCM Reddy MD & CEO

RCM Reddy MD & CEO

KK Iyer Director

KK Iyer Director

Sujit Tambat Director

Sujit Tambat Director

Dr Vandana Singh

Bhanu Vittalam Director

Dr Sekhar Bonu

Dr Sekhar Bonu Independent Director

Dr Vandana Singh

Dr Vandana Singh Independent Director

 Howard Soh

Howard Soh Nominee Director

EdTech Advisory Group

Dr Shailesh Kumar

Dr Shailesh Kumar PhD Computer Science
(Univ of Texas)

Dr Venkat Srinivasan PhD (Univ of Cincinnati)

Dr Venkat Srinivasan PhD
(Univ of Cincinnati)

Prof M S Vijay Kumar Ed. D
(Univ of Massachusetts)

Subir Shukla

Subir Shukla Former Education Quality Advisor (MHRD, GoI)

Ashutosh Batta

Ashutosh Batta Chairman, Bloom Public School, Vasant Kunj

Technology Team

Shourie Chatterji


Shailesh Karve Chief Technology

K Rajesh Chief Devices

Gowtham Kumar Head – Product

Srinivas Adepu Head

Patricia Mascarenhas Head
Digital Content

Business Operations

Lokesh Bajaj

Lokesh Bajaj COO – In-School

Shourie Chatterji


Akshay Patel

Akshay Patel Head – Advisory
(Univ of Massachusetts)

The Zonal Heads

Deepak Singh Head – North

Deepak Singh Head – North

Gautam Maiti Head – East

Jaydeep Singh Head – West

Rajesh Soman Head – South

Nivedita Borthakur Head – North East

Manas Arora Head – NCR

Strategic Support

Arindam Ghosh

Arindam Ghosh Chief Strategy

Vineesh Khanna

Vineesh Khanna Chief Finance

Amitabh Jainv

Amitabh Jain Chief HR Officer Chief of Corporate Governance