Large scale deployment of teaching and learning management systems for remote delivery, monitoring and assessment of educational outcomes

With NEP 2020 focussing on technology integration in improving teaching-learning evaluation process, enhancing educational access, and streamlining educational planning, management & administration, there is an increased need for such technology led solutions. Schoolnet has leveraged its diversified IP base to design, customise and implement such learning management & analytics platforms for state-wide deployment, including setting up and running virtual schools. The platform can provide curriculum aligned multimedia content, lesson plan for teachers, assessment modules, tools for communication & collaboration and analytics dashboard.

State-Wide Adoption of Digital Platforms –
Flagship Initiatives

360 Degree Evaluation

G-Shala – Deployment of holistic learning management system for Digitally led Delivery of Education across 55,000 schools of Gujarat

Client: Government of Gujarat

  • Self-paced and teacher led
  • 2D/ 3D augmented e-content mapped with textbooks
  • LMS with apps for students, teachers and administrators
  • Real time dashboard to track and monitor teaching-learning outcomes

Teacher Performance Monitoring

Delhi Model Virtual School – Implemented in partnership with Google for Education for the Government of Delhi

Client: Government of Delhi

  • Principle: ‘Anywhere living, anytime learning, anytime testing’
  • Full time virtual School affiliated with the Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE)
  • Comprises of platform, content, digital studio and teacher training
  • Synchronous and asynchronous delivery
  • Proctored assessments

Student Performance

LMS & E-Content in Hindi, English & 5 tribal languages with live tutoring platform across 45,000 schools of Jharkhand

Client: Government of Jharkhand

  • LMS, analytics & dashboard, multimedia content, assignments & assessments, and digital TLMs
  • Aligned to JCERT Curriculum
  • Facility of enabling virtual live classes
  • Personalisation at scale: Synchronization of In-School and After-School learning journey of the students

Impacting 12 million students and teachers