LinQ - Learning Management and Assessments Platform - to improve teaching efficiency and conduct continuous assessments

Schools today are witnessing a shift towards digital and blended teaching learning methods, and the need for continuous assessments in schools as prescribed by the CBSE and other Boards in India. Given this, we have developed a Learning Management and Assessment Platform that can provide teachers / trainers with a framework for handing all aspects of the learning process. This includes storing, delivering and tracking learning content, and conducting evidence based assessment of acquired learning using technology aligned to life-long learning approach.

The LinQ assessment platform includes a series of indigenously built interventions to conduct large scale formative and summative assessments in online and offline modes, converting information into knowledge to improve productivity and administer end to end assessment and certification.


Assessment Platform

  • Multiple question banks with shareable multimedia content; various question types; available in vernacular languages
  • Custom quiz generation and ability to conduct in offline/online mode using any device
  • Identify strength and weakness of each student in real time
  • Comprehensive, and printable reports to monitor individual performance
  • Several security mechanisms
  • Real time tracking of student performance
  • End to end certification process


Content Authoring
  • Easy to use tools for authoring and publishing content and information
  • Multiple interventions for ensuring validity and accuracy of content
  • Ability to add various types of content
  • Supports vernacular languages
  • Content Dissemination & Delivery
  • Ability to creat customized learning nuggets and lesson plans and assigning the same to targeted set of users
  • Ability to conduct live sessions
Assessments & Assignments
  • Create customized assessments based on difficulty level, question type, question format
  • Ability to attach assessments to learning content for getting learning confirmation
  • Create and assign customized assignments and activities to users
  • Competency based evaluation of assignments
  • Analytics
  • Various reports for different stakeholders to monitor real time progress/performance


Vocational Skills
  • Blended learning solutions for conducting vocational skills courses
  • Classroom solutions
  • Learning solutions for schools & colleges
  • Enterprise learning solution for large, distributed workforce
  • Knowledge management portal for information driven business

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