Our smart, innovative devices are designed to harness technology and transform classrooms into interactive and highly engaging digital classrooms.

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A feature rich EdTech device, KYAN is the world’s first 6-in-one interactive, affordable, easy to use, teaching learning device that’s nationally awarded and internationally acclaimed by learning communities.

Jointly designed, developed and patented by Schoolnet India Limited and IIT Bombay, this innovation commercialized in 2007 by Schoolnet, has now become mainstream and has achieved significant scale, scope, and impact in education and training.



Chromebooks are lightweight, fast, cost-effective and secure devices powered by Google with an extended battery backup that runs on Intel®️ processors. They provide a personalized experience, even when shared Chromebooks are used in the classroom.

Chrome Education License makes it easy to deploy them across the school while maintaining the control of these devices. It allows the administrator to create user groups, filter content available to the users, manage students’ access and allows better manageability for the institution.

KYAN. Our flagship device is an all-in-one portable EdTech device designed to make teaching learning rich, engaging and efficient.


KYAN is a robust machine, that’s easy to set up and intuitive to use. It can transform any flat surface into an interactive board for various types of blended teaching learning requirements. It comes powered with rich multimedia content aligned to curriculum and an effective environment to create, organise and deliver lessons to serve all teaching learning needs. Its bright projector gives a clear visual, even in outdoors and its powerful inbuilt speaker ensures that a crystal-clear sound is heard even in a big classroom or a mid-size auditorium.

Trusted by teachers for its protean ability, multi-functionality and sheer simplicity of operation, KYAN enables a teacher who wants to design, create and contextualize her lessons, make in-class assessments interactive and fun and integrate online and offline learning seamlessly to achieve desired learning outcomes.

Technical Specifications


Projection: The ultra large screen projection system can give HD view visual on a screen as large as 300” diagonally. It is bright enough for outdoor application.


Computing: This has a high-end computer with latest generation processor (from Dual Core to i3/i5/i7), integrated graphics and RAM varying from 4GB to 32GB, and significant inbuilt storage space (500 GB – 1 TB)


Interactivity: It can convert any flat surface into an interactive smart board with versatile functionality.


Inbuilt sophisticated audio systems: The powerful speaker (30 watt) gives clear sound for a large classroom and mid-size auditorium.


Networking for a digitally shared learning: It is designed to align with a variety of digital tools, be it smart phones or laptops to create an environment for personal, customized learning.


Television: It has a TV port that can be easily attached to a DTH connection for watching television channels on a large screen.


Video Conferencing: It can be used for effective two way video conferencing as well.

A digital solution that enriches local learning eco-systems
with global resources

With its rich features KYAN helps teachers to design highly engaging and stimulating learning experiences that transform classrooms into vibrant, interactive, and creative learning spaces. The device leverages full pedagogical potential of ICT to:

  • Enhance teacher’s effectiveness by embedding strategically selected video segments and interactive quizzes in daily lessons both online and offline
  • Offer learners varied possibilities for developing 21st century skills, such as problem solving, inquiry, and collaboration
  • Facilitate teachers to engage students in multi-modal teaching and encourage them to examine problems and fully internalise their learning
  • Facilitate flexible and engaging learning practices designed to meet learner’s individual needs and expectations

In effect, KYAN facilitates teachers and students to collaborate and co-create knowledge
and to thus reach their teaching learning goals.


  • Ease of Use: The single wire computer, projector & multimedia device can be set up in less than 2 minutes and facilitate ICT usage.
  • Robust: Withstands rough conditions, high temperatures & large amounts of dust.
  • Portable: Single plug and play device, designed to be portable between classrooms, it’s a stand-alone device that can be set up without a laptop, projector or fixed infrastructure like an electronic white board. The device can also be used outside the classroom for annual days, special events and movie shows.
  • Customization Friendly: Facilitates teacher led sessions, collaborative peer learning, enquiry based and discovery oriented learning through cross-disciplinary ICT activities
  • Unlimiting-in-Usage: Not restrained by any OS, learning content, pace of usage or age of the learner.
  • Cost Effective: Budgeted as a single unit, the device is mobile, can serve multiple locations and can be used as a community computer.
  • Innovative Pedagogy: Facilitates teacher-led sessions, collaborative peer learning, enquiry based and discovery-oriented learning through cross-disciplinary ICT activities.
  • Video Conferencing & Virtual Education: The internet and future-ready device allows participants to interact with each other using a big screen during video conferencing and online education. The large screen improves visibility of resources and makes online interactions an enjoyable experience.

Positive Teaching Learning Outcomes using KYAN

KYAN is found to be an effective digital classroom solution that significantly improves the efficiency of teaching
and learning.

99 %

of trained teachers conduct at least one/more digital class per week using KYAN

96 %

teachers experienced reduction in time required – by at least 25% - to attain teaching learning goals with use of multi-media content and KYAN

96 %

students felt multimedia content helped them understand concepts better

92 %

students agreed they were more attentive in class when KYAN was used

54 %

principals shared that KYAN along with digital content & teacher training helped improve overall student performance at their school

*Findings are based on internal evaluation of multiple projects that surveyed 203 principals, 504 teachers and 4212 students.

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KYAN Success Stories

As a user centered social design, KYAN transforms a mix of products and services to a sustainable device, while still
being economically viable. It exhibits a sustainability shift from a technological and product related innovation to a
broader techno-socio-cultural innovation. This publication explores KYAN as a design for social inclusion and equality
that combines the triple bottom line approach with ICT to generate sustainable value.

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