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A 360 Degree Learning
Management System

A Connected Ecosystem For Schools, Teachers And Students

Our Learning Management System provides unlimited access to schools, teachers and students of the powerful features within the Geneo for School offering. From enabling invaluable learning resources to monitoring teacher-student performances and scheduling virtual classes to lesson planning to effective assessments and assignments, it undertakes a holistic approach to classroom management. And it offers a perfect advantage to strengthen learning methodologies and improve learning outcomes with optimum use of technology.

Improving Learning Outcomes Across All Stakeholders

How Geneo Helps Schools

When the primary stakeholders viz. students and teachers benefit, so does their school. With teaching learning happening in a more efficient manner, the overall student performance and participation improves. And so does the ease of operation for teachers. School Management can now have a holistic view about the classes, learning resources, teacher and student performance seamlessly.

How Geneo Helps Teachers

Geneo For Schools helps educators efficiently manage and assess progress, while enhancing connections with learners from school, from home, or on the go.

Teachers can now teach more efficiently. It reduces their effort and time spent on operational tasks, so that they can concentrate more on the core activity of teaching. Things like preparing for class, scheduling classes, taking attendance, distributing learning materials and continuous assessments etc., can all happen in a click.

How Geneo Helps Students

Geneo For Schools offers both learning formats to students: teacher-led and self-paced. While students get to access all the assignments, learning content and assessments that teachers provide, they can also use the entire Geneo application to learn from the convenience of their home.

Geneo is an online application offering educational content in a personalized, self-paced learning environment. It facilitates a deeper understanding of concepts and their application to everyday schooling, thereby making students better learners and their studies easier and more complete. With Geneo For Schools, students get a host of features which make their learning more rewarding.

Simplified teaching and learning through a host of features

Host Live Classes

Teachers can conduct virtual class sessions with ease, present and share information and invite participation from students.

Shared Resources

Class notes, presentations, videos can be directly shared and accessed from Classroom dashboard.

Make Announcements

Teachers and administrators can make important announcements for students to follow all from within the classroom interface.

Monitor Student Progress

Teachers can administer assessments through interactive questionnaires. Students can share their projects for comments, feedback and evaluation.

Facilitate Easier Learning

Students can access all learning resources in one place. They can also get in touch with respective subject teachers for individual concerns.


Teachers can post assignments as home follow-ups.

Extended E-Learning with Geneo

Geneo For School offers teachers and students ready access to Geneo Student App, through which students can complement their school curriculum with personalised self-paced learning, strengthen concepts and build stronger learning foundations.

Students Get Access To

Digitised textbooks | Live Classes | Exploriments | Learning Videos | Assessments, Quizzes & Solved Papers | Personalised Mentor Support

Teachers Can

Utilise Geneo’s curated content base to support their teaching plan | Use interactive tools to make learning more effective and interesting | Track individual student performance | Address learning gaps through online assessment

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