Collaborative Digital Classroom Solution in Partnership with Google for Education to promote 21st Century Skills

Schoolnet India in partnership with Google for Education has developed a solution, Future Class, which is a digital learning zone for teachers, students and parents to experience 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. It helps teachers to spend more time on enhancement of student learning in a collaborative environment using emerging technologies.

Future Class provides a joint stack of solutions comprising of shareable devices, collaborative tools for teachers and students using Google Workspace for Education.

Future Class at a Glance

  • Created in collaboration with Google for Education
  • Extended learning with K-Yan + Digital Content + Google Chromebooks + Google Workspace for Education
  • Chrome Education License for easy set up and management of devices
  • Professional development programs for educators certified by Google for Education
  • Each student gets hands-on personalized learning experience
K-Class at a Glance


Chromebooks are lightweight, fast, cost effective and secure devices with extended battery backup that runs on Intel® processors. They provide a personalized experience even when shared Chromebooks are used in the classroom.

Chrome Education License

Chrome Education License makes it easy to deploy Chromebooks across the school while maintaining the control of these devices. It allows the administrator to create user groups, filter content available to the users, manage students’ access and allows better manageability for the institution.

Professional Development Program for Teachers

Professional training supports teachers, discovers their potential as educators and enables them to impart 21st century skills to their students. It also helps them to be part of the Google Educator Group (GEG).

Google Workspace for Education

The core set of communication and collaboration applications that facilitate cloud based learning and increase connectedness among teachers, students and parents. These apps are collaborative, customizable, secure and usable on any device.


K-Yan is the world’s first “6-in-1” interactive, affordable, easy to use, teaching learning platform. It works as an integrated solution that combines the power of a computer with a high resolution large format projection screen.

Digital Content

The interactive subject specific Digital Content, Exploriments and Science Videos enable the teaching learning process to graduate from “Chalk and Talk” method of teaching to “Interactive and Intrinsic Learning” method of teaching. .

Future Class Experience

See how children are experiencing the future class.

Case study

Improving digital skills and learning outcomes for students in Visakhapatnam, India.

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