A New Found Friendship!


K-Yan makes teaching-learning easier, more interesting and fun.

“When K-Yan came into the new Smart Classroom in our school, I felt really excited. I peeped inside the door to see what it was and why it was so special?

Says Vasav K. Ambalia, a 7th Grade student of Nava Koba Pagar Kendra School in Gandhinagar, Gujarat Vasav’s learning experience at school just got completely transformed. Let’s see how! Vasav, like most of his classmates, comes from a family with limited means.

His parents send him to school to give him a good education and so that he grows up to be successful in life. Vasav tries his best to learn what is taught in class, but wishes there was some way to make his lessons simpler and easier to grasp.

Then one day, something remarkable happens. Vasav’s class is introduced to The Smart Classroom and K-Yan.

Friendship with Computers!

“Earlier studies were a bit boring, so I didn’t feel like going to school. Since smart classroom and K-Yan came, I now feel really excited to learn in class.” shares Vasav.

All his classmates are excited too. Smart Class with K-Yan and multimedia content have started to make their sessions really interesting. They are now more focussed, eager to learn and participate. In K-Yan, they have found a very special friend that is bringing fun into their somewhat boring class routine.

Vasav’s teacher, Ms. Dimple A. Patel too, is extremely happy. She is now able to create an enriching and interactive classroom . Since students are willing to learn and pay complete attention during class, her teaching experience has become far less taxing and much more rewarding.


“Facilities in our school were not that good before. Teaching children properly was a real challenge, as they found the old method of learning boring. The new audio-visual method of the Smart Class has made a world of difference,” she shares.

Now even before she finishes asking a question, students raise their hands, ready and eager to answer.

Just like Vasav’s school, Schoolnet has been playing a crucial role in transforming education in several schools across the country. At the centre of our offering is K-Yan, an award winning digital learning solution that harnesses the power of various new age technologies into a single all-in-one device.

It empowers students and teachers to use technology to enable better learning and makes quality education accessible.



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